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Semper Fi Siberians
Your "Always Faithful" Companion

Update 4 April 2014: Still in FL, will be heading home on the 11th. Should be an interesting trip with ten kittens, six cats and Zeke, oh and of course, Nancy LOL. I apologize that I am still working feverishly to correct this home page. Marine Grunts do not make good website designers. Everthing else seems fine and is up-to-date. Grrrrrr!

Jim and Nancy Bathurst (pronounced Bath - urst) welcome you to Semper Fi Siberians located near Springfield approximately four hours south of Chicago, Illinois. Semper Fi is a shortened version of the United States Marine Corps’s motto of “Semper Fidelis,” which means Always Faithful. Jim spent nearly thirty-six years as a Marine and we could think of no better name for our cattery since the Siberian cat is your “always faithful” companion. 
Additionally, they are very agile, able to “jump tall buildings in a single bound.” Well, not really, but you will be amazed at their jumping abilities. Their hindquarters are very powerful and allow them to negotiate heights not accessible to the average cat.

Siberians are very loyal and intelligent cats. They know their names and will often come when called. They will greet you at the door, follow you from room to room, and supervise everything you do from opening your mail to cooking a meal. They will actively involve themselves in your everyday chores. They love to play and enjoy your being involved in their playtime; they can even be taught to play fetch and they love hide and seek.
They also get along with other animals quite well. We have a one-eyed Golden Retriever, a crazy Australian Shepherd, and a plain vanilla house cat, and our Siberian ladies pester them frequently wanting to play. Click  here to see our family.
If you are looking for a cat that lies around all day looking gracious, and does not want to be involved in your life, the Siberian is not for you. In fact, if this photo of Izabella upsets you, or you cannot handle this level of involvement, then you surely do not want a Siberian.

Warning: Always check your refrigerator before you close it

However, if you want a pet who will be a member of your family, greet your guests, give you kisses, involve themselves in everything you attempt to do, and provide you with endless hours of entertainment then the Siberian will be your “always faithful” companion. Click HERE to see a YouTube video of Siberians in the wild in Russia. They are magnificent creatures living in the harshest of climates.

Nancy maintains a blog to share up-to-date photos and information with family, friends, and those who have reserved one of our kittens. Please feel free to check it out by clicking 

Note: If you came to this website due to your interest in the fabulous Siberian Cat, skip this slight interruption and read on. However, if you ended up here because of the name "Semper Fi" then you are obviously connected in some way to the United States Marine Corps, whether that be out of curosity, or that you are one of "us." If that's the case might I recommend you click 
here  for information about this other fabulous breed.


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