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DISCLAIMER: This website was designed for a computer screen, so if you are viewing it on an iPad, there may be some anomalies such as photos not lining up with their captions. It was designed for information, not for esthetics -- I mean what do you expect from a retired Marine infantryman? :-)  

The second photo above says everything that could possibly be said about the Siberian breed, the photo is of one of our pet parents, Shea and her almost three-year old loving Hannibal. What a great photo. Thank you Shea!

Updated: 1 November 2017
 Semper Fi Siberians' last two kittens went to their forever home today. We have closed the cattery; therefore, we are no longer accepting applications or questionnaires.

However, there is a wealth of information on this website for anyone interested in adopting a Siberian kitten or cat. This endeavor was never considered a business in the strictest sense of the word; it was a labor of love. We’ve been placing twelve-week-old Siberian kittens in the arms of children who were sometimes crying with joy because their doctor told them they could never have a cat due to allergies. Profit was never the motive, in fact, it took us three years to even break even for tax purposes. We have placed over 200 kittens, and about 95% of them went to a home where there were cat allergies, so the naysayers (usually a doctor) can shout from roof tops—the proof is in the pudding. There have been a few returns, but the percentage is so small it is inconsequential; see the testimonials.

Will we miss it? Oh, my goodness yes! Being woke up as it gets light out with five or six bundles of fur running around on the bed wanting you to wake up and play may seem disturbing to some, but for us it will certainly be missed.

We have talked about retiring from breeding for months. Nancy just turned 76 and Jim turns 77 in December. We have bucket lists, and we feel it’s time to start working on them. We have not been able to have a vacation together for seven years; we both could not be away at the same time—who would care for our family?

As we said, there is a plethora of information in this website for anyone contemplating owning one of these magnificent creatures. As time permits, we will be adding some of the information sheets that Nancy sent out to future pet parents so they knew what to expect and how to prepare for the arrival of their kitten. So, please peruse the pages and, remember, we may not have the cattery any more, but we love these magnificent creatures that God created. We want to help you in any way we can; it just may take a little longer for us to reply as we may be off working on the bucket lists! Therefore, we will keep the website open for informational purposes. And we would still love to hear from our pet parents out there, so PLEASE keep sending us photos of your darlings.

Thank you for your interest in Siberians and Semper Fi Siberians.


* * * * *

The Cattery

We are Jim and Nancy Bathurst (pronounced Bath - urst), Welcome to the former Semper Fi Siberians located in Crystal Lake, northwest of Chicago, Illinois. Semper Fi is a shortened version of the United States Marine Corps’ motto “Semper Fidelis,” which means Always Faithful. Jim spent nearly thirty-six years as an active duty Marine and we could think of no better name for our cattery since the Siberian cat is your “always faithful” companion. We are a retired couple and raising these lovely creatures was our full-time hobby. We raised our kittens in our home, under our feet—for all intent and purposes, they were our children! 

The goal of Semper Fi Siberians was to breed kittens for good health and stunning personalities. As a side benefit, Siberians are said to have less of the protein Fel d1 than most other cats. This is good news for cat allergy sufferers. However, the amount of this protein can vary per cat.  In addition, each person can react differently. Please see our FAQ page for a more thorough explanation.

The Cat


Siberians are very agile, able to “leap tall buildings in a single bound.” Well, not really, but you will be amazed at their jumping abilities. Their hindquarters are very powerful and allow them to negotiate heights not accessible to the average cat.   

Siberians are very loyal and intelligent cats. They know their names and will come when called, that is if they are "in the mood." They will greet you at the door, follow you from room-to-room, and supervise everything you do from opening your mail to cooking a meal. They actively involve themselves in your everyday chores. They love to play and require your being involved in their playtime; they can even be taught to play fetch and they love hide and seek. In sum, they demand your interaction. If you are a young couple who both work out of the home, are socially active after work and on weekends, you do not need a Siberian in your life; we would not allow our kittens to go to a home such as that. Siberians require attention and will become stressed without it. Stress can bring on all sorts of illnesses later in life. Consider the decision to bring a kitten into your home as the beginning of your family, which you may be putting off until you are both older. Adopt some goldfish until your social calendar slows.

If introduced properly, they also get along with other animals quite well. We have a crazy Australian Shepherd, and a plain vanilla house cat, and our Siberian ladies pester them frequently wanting to play.

If you are looking for a cat that lies around all day looking gracious, and does not want to be involved in your life, the Siberian is not for you. In fact, if these photos of Izabella and two of her offspring upsets you, or you cannot handle this level of involvement, then you surely do not want a Siberian.

https://builder.inmotionhosting.comattachments/Image/Izabella/DSC_0042.JPG                                             https://builder.inmotionhosting.comattachments/CropImages/310e038ded7ea7a6e01be968ee607318.jpeg
           "Do I want one of Nancy's Cokes or one of Jim's beers?"                              Izzy's kittens inherited her wild antics 
NOTE: Remember. they are Siberians, so always check the refrigerator before you close the door!


However, if you want a pet who will be a member of your family, greet your guests, give you kisses, involve themselves in everything you attempt to do, and provide you with endless hours of entertainment then the Siberian will be your “always faithful” companion. 

Nancy maintains a blog to share up-to-date photos and information with family, friends, and Semper Fi owners. Please feel free to check it out by clicking  

Be sure to check out our 
Testimonials pages for comments and photos from our Semper Fi Siberians Family members.

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Note: If you came to this website due to your interest in the fabulous Siberian Cat, skip this slight interruption and read on. However, if you ended up here because of the name "Semper Fi" then you are obviously connected in some way to the United States Marine Corps, whether that be out of curiosity, or that you are one of "us." If that's the case click  here for information about this other fabulous breed.





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