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When a pet parent reserved a kitten at the 5-6-week mark, Nancy began sending a weekly email to each parent, along with a few photos so they could see how the kitten was progressing. Additionally, attached to that email was an information sheet that covered all the questions one would have when preparing the household, as well as purchasing recommendations based on ours and past pet parents' suggestions on what to buy and not to buy. Those information sheet follow. We have placed them here so you could peruse them to get an idea what is involved in purchasing a pedigree kitten that if cared for and feed a proper diet will live a long, healthy life and provide you with endless hours of love and fun. Our recommendation is to look through the information sheets and use as you see fit.


What kind of food should I feed my kitten?


Jim is always using a saying he learned in Econ 101:"Ask five economists a question and you will get six answers -- all different." The same rule applies if you were to ask five breeders -- or on the internet -- the title question. We are certainly not experts in the field of animal nutrition, but we have done so much research, experimented, and queried many fellow breeders and Vets. We feed Life's Abundance (LA) to not only our cats and kittens, but also to our dog. We won't go on record saying our choice of food was the reason, but our adopted Golden Retriver, Carly, lived to to be sixteen years old. Was it the food we feed her? You decide, we already have.

Click on the photo below below to see for yourself. Look at the ingredients, read how it's made -- in small batches so they can maintain freshness, which is also why they will not stock it in stores. When we place an order, it arrives in two days, and we know it was made within six weeks—it has not been sitting on a store shelf or in a warehouse for months. Finally, and more importantly, they have never had a recall. However, they have your name, phone number, email addtress, and the batch numbers of your orders. Should they ever have a recall, you will be notified immediately. Can your pet food company make that claim? 

The two most important decisions you must make for your kitten is which veterinarian to use and what food to feed. You have to choose the vet on your own, so be cautious, they are all not the same -- some are outrageously expensive!  It was our policy that we helped with the food decision, in fact, we made it for our parents. They had to feed LA in order to adopt one of our kittens. Why you ask? The first year of the kitten's life is when the bone structure and density, organs, and coat develop. These were our babies; we helped bring them into this world, we spent hours socializing them to be unafraid of humans, and we loved each and every one of them. We wanted them to have the best possible chance of developing into a healthy, agile, and energetic Siberian. In fact, we are so adamant about this requirement, they had to log into our site where we still purchase our food on LA to purchase their food so we could be assured the contract was being fullfilled. Should they continue to feed LA for a second year, we extended the health guarantee for that second year. That's how strongly we felt, and still do, about this high quality pet food. Furthermore, we sent them a $20 gift certificate so they could have food available when they picked up their baby. And if you would like to feed your kitten LA, we would even send you a gift certificate as well. Email us at jimnancy@semperfisiberians.com for more information about our poilicy.

Tips. They offer a substantial discount for using the auto-ship program. You pick the amount and the frequency. Set the next shipment date out a few months, then see how your kitten or dog eats. You will get an email 4-5 days before the shipping date in case you desire to change the amount or the date. You can change anything about the order at any time. The shipping cost is about $8.85 regardless of how much or how little you order; therefore, it would be wise to order more less often to reduce the per feeding cost. We have found that by ordering judicially, LA is less expensive than some of so-called "quality"pet food in your local pet store, which let me go on record and say this, there is no "quality: pet food on the shelves at Walmart! Moreover, it is delivered to your door on your schedule. The Midwest warehouse is in McHenry, IL; therefore, we pick it up thus saving the shipping cost. If you live closeby you can do the same -- just ask us how.

Life's Abundance recently developed a "grain-free" dry food; their canned has always been grain-free. Dr. Jane conducetd a webinar to explain to all their customers why she did this. She said brown rice was being used in the dry to provide certain nutrients that cats need, but to satisfy requests for a grain-free dry food, she replaced it with sweet potato. So now they offer both types of dry foods. We decided to switch and started feeding the grain-free dry, but we use it as kibble; our cats' main diet is the canned, which has always been grain-free. If you feed your kitten nothing but dry because it is easy on you, shame on you! A cat's main diet needs to be the canned for a lot of reasons, one of which is the high water content, which the dry is lacking. DRY IS KIBBLE, left at at night or when you will be gone for a long period of time; it's snack food! Feeding a feline dry food onlky will eventually lead to intetrnal orgam problems, not to mention obsity. 

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