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Life's Abundance Premium Pet Foods is our food of choice for all our animals. As responsible breeders, we were obligated to do our research in order to find the best food we could possiblly feed our felines; just like we humans, our cats are what they eat. One quick read of the label and you will see why we prefer this brand over all the others. We were so pleased with their cat food, we started feeding our dogs their dog food, and we also use some of their other pet products. We are so impressed with this food, our contract requires pet parents to feed LA for the very important, first formative year of the kitten's life. You will not find it on your pet stores' shelves; they will not allow them to stock it since they have no control over the freshness. They have an auto-ship program so the food is automatically shipped right to your door on a predetermined schedule that you set up; you can change the frequency and amount at anytime. Moreover, there is a substantial discount for using the program. You receive an email several days before an auto-ship is to take place in case you desire to change it. We find it best to order larger quantities less often rather than smaller quantities more often since the shipping charges are the same.

Disclaimer: Do we receive any benefit from our pet parents feeding LA for that first year? Yes, we do rceive a small gratuity, which in turn reduces our food costs, thereby allowing us to keep the cost of our kittens to a manageable level. However, even without any discount from LA, we would still feed this food.

LA recently developed a “grain-free” dry food at the behest of some customers—the canned has always been grain-free. Nancy listened to Dr. Jane’s web call explaining why she did this. The only grain in the regular dry is brown rice, which Dr. Jane believed provided certain necessary nutrients better than anything else. In the new "grain-free" dry, she replaced the brown rice with sweet potato and some other nutrients that the brown rice provided. We have since changed and went with the grain-free. Warning: should you decide to change to the new grain-free as well, please remember to do so gradually, mixing it with the regular in ever incresasing amounts so as to not creat stomach probllems.

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