Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much do you charge for a kitten?
Our cattery is not a business; it is a serious hobby. We do not make much of a profit; this is a labor of love for us. Our adoption fee covers high quality Siberian breeding stock, veterinarian fees, the very best food and supplies, travel and expenses, and many miscellaneous incidentals involved in providing you with the finest Siberian kitten we can offer. Current adoption fee for a pet quality kitten is one thousand one-hudred dollars $1,100, plus the State of Illinois required sales tax. This is not paid all at once. When you decide you want to adopt one of our babies there is a nonrefundable $100 deposit, then when you select your kitten (six weeks of age), another nonrefudndable deposit of $200 is due. Finally, the day comes to pick up your baby (10-12 weeks of age), the remaining $800 is due (plus IL sales tax, which for our area is 7.00%). Should you decide to adopt a second kitten from us, we offer a $100 discount. We encouarge you to read the Contract carefully to understand the use of the term "nonrefundable"
2. I am allergic to cats. Will I react to a Siberian?
The Siberian is said to be lower in Fel d1, the allergen-causing protein in every cat’s DNA. It is not the fur itself that causes allergic reactions, it is this protein expelled from the cat’s saliva during self-grooming, any urine that splashes onto the fur, and through its skin. The Fel d1 level can vary depending on age, if the cat is spayed or neutered, or if they are pregnant or lactating. All kittens in a litter can even have different levels. Some people with allergies have no problem living with a Siberian, others still do. Therefore, there are no guarantees on your individual reaction. Our Testimonial Page tells of the successes we have had placing a kitten in a home where someone has allergies.  Having said that, we have not had 100 percent success—some still have reactions. There is a test in the marketplace for Fel d1, but our experiences have shown that it is highly unreliable; therefore, we do not waste our time and money using it. We encourage those with cat allergies to set an appointment with us and we will run an allergy test here at our location for you. Then you can make an informed decision as to whether or not you would like to pursue adoption.

3. How can I test to see if I have a reaction, and is therea charge for the test?
We conduct two types of tests. We can send a fur ample from one of our adult Siberians with instructions detailing how to use it. This test is handy as a starting point or when there is a long distance between us, but it is not fool-proof. The best and most reliable test is with an actual kitten or adult cat. While we never charged for an in-person allergy test, we found we needed to change our policy due to spending hours with a potential parent and never hear from the again. We now charge $25 for one-hour; if all goes well and you decide to join our waiting list, that fee is applied to the $100 wait list fee.  However, before any contact between us is made, you must go to the Adoption Questionnaire, copy and paste it into a word processing program, fill it out, and attach it to an email to us—you want the right kitten, and we want the right home for one of our babies. Additionally, we strongly encourage you print out the Contract and read it carefully so you understand your (and our) obligations.
4. Will my Siberian shed?
The Siberian cat will shed some hair, however, it is not extreme as other long haired cats and usually occurs during spring and fall.
5. Are the kittens registered?
Our Siberians are registered with TICA (The International Cat Association). Registration of kittens will be transferred to their new owners when neutering/spaying requirements are met.

6. When will there be kittens available?
While it is easy to provide a tentative schedule for how we envision the breeding schedule to go for the next year, as one can imagine, Mother Nature, and the queens themselves have more to say about it than we do. However, we will attempt to update this schedule as often as possible with the latest information. We recommend you go to Nancy's blog, sign up, and you will receive notification when she posts an update.

7. Do you have a waiting list?
Yes, as with most reputable, high quality Siberian breeders, we always have a waiting list. And yes, we definitely believe it is worth the wait! Fill out our Adoption Questionnaire and we will give you a call to answer all your questions.
NOTE: We periodically have to close our waiting list as it gets so long it becomes unmanageable. When that happens, we can take your name and email address and notify you when the list is re-opened. We're so sorry to have to do that, but there are times the list gets out of hand. For the most up-to-date information always go to Nancy's Blog.  

8. What should I feed my kitten/cat?

This is very good question. As Jim says: "Ask five breeders this question and more than likely you will get six different answers". Having done extensive research on the subject, we have decided to feed all of our cats (and dogs) "Life's Abundance" (LA). It is not sold in stores since they would not have the capability to monitor and control freshness. It can only be purchased online. The company is owned and operated by a licensed veterinarian and nutrionist. Having done a cost analysis, the bottom line is it is no more expensive than those so-called "quality" pet foods found in the aisles of your popular pet stores. They have never had a recall, and they maintain your last delivery batch number, your telephone number, and email address. If they ever had a recall and your batch number was included, you would be notified immediately. It is delivered directly to your home on a schedule that you establish, and you are compensated for setting up an auto-ship program that you control and can change to fit the needs of your pets. Might I suggest that you click here and read about this high quality food for yourself. We are so adamant about the quality of this food that in order to adopt one of our Siberians you must agree to feed LA for the entire first year of the kitten's growth; it's in the contract. Should you decide to continue with LA, we extend the health guarantee for an additional year. We give you a $20.00 gift certificate (per kitten) so you can already have the food before you pick up your baby.

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