Inspurrations Zhaklin of SemperFi

Zhaklin (Jackie), is a Brown Tortie
Retired January 2017
Once we find the purrfect home for Zhaklin, we will move her to the Retired Adults page.
In the meantine, enjoy the pictures of her lovely, healthy babies.

Below are two current pictures of Ms. Zhaklin. Since her spaying, she has blossomed into an absolutely gorgeous Siberian.


All of Zhaklin's babies, except for her first litter, were sired by our own Mr. Silver


       Ms. Zhaklin

23 September 2016
(Her Last)

Once again, in the wee hours of the morning (0130-0430), Mr. Silver and Ms. Zhaklin became the proud parents of three babies; two boys and a girl. Babies are doing very well and gaining lots of weight every day. When there are only a few in a litter , there is always lots of milk to go around so they put on weight much faster. Nancy has started giving them celeb names for identification; Once selected the parents give us a name we use that one to further the socialization process. This will be Zhaklin's final litter. 

         Ali McClaw                                                                 Bob Meowerly                                                            Leonardo DaFuzzy

* * * * *

29 March 2016

In the wee hours of the morning on 29 March, Ms. Zhaklin gave birth to three beautiful kittens. While coloring and sex is awfully difficult to determine this early, it appears that two will be Torties, which means they will be girls, and one Black/Silver we believe is a boy. Better photos to follow once their eyes are open. While we don't like to give up Jackie as a queen, it is time to retire her and let her live a normal life giving and receiving love with the "purrfect" parent.

Taken at four days old

* * * * *

10 August 2015

On 10 August, Zhaklin and Mr. Silver became the proud parents of a litter of five gorgeous, healthy babies; three females and two males.

Cleo wants to spend her life being loved by Amber

                           Libellule wants to be a Marine with Tim & Jen                                                                              Nikolia wants to play peek-a-boo with Nikki forever

                                            Dora wants Matthew & Melissa to be her forever parents                                                                Gingie has decided he wants to spend his life with Christy

* * * * *

16 February 2015

Ms Zhaklin gave birth to five beautiful healthy kittens early Monday morning. If you recall we had traded males with our cattery friend in Michigan. They took Mr. Silver and we took Mr. Red Bud for a few months. The plan was that since he and Izabella were both reds, our friend would be able to get a red female; however, we did not have much success between the two of them. We "thought" perhaps Red Bud may have been too young to know what to do; however, to our surprise he figured out what to do with Zhaklin. LOL 

   Dexter adopted Samantha &          
             Elizabeta adopted Sandra                      Shannon adopted Kira                          Oscar went home with Elizabeth
     Saffron adopted Kathryn

* * * * *

29 September 2014

Ms. Zhaklin gave birth to two gorgeous kittens, both boys. Mr. Silver was, once again the proud daddy.


               Dax is loving his new home with Lisa, Addison, & Gianna                                                               Leo is now enjoying his new home with Raina

* * * * *

Litter Number Five

The Easter Bunny arrived at our home in the early morning hours when Zhaklin gave birth to four gorgeous healthy babies. Zhaklin's litters are always like a box of chocolates, you never know what colors and patterns you are going to get, and this time was no different. Mr. Silver was, once again, the father of these beauties.


                           Tina and Mitchell love their new Stanley                                             Dan has Pashka while Deb has Katya                                    Caitlin snuggles Elsa for the ride home

* * * * *

12 November 2013

Not to be outdone by her cattery-mate, Zhaklin gave birth to six gorgeous, healthy kittens shortly after Tatiana finished giving birth to her last kitten. Maybe she was just being gracious and waiting for us to finish with Tatiana. Late afternoon and the evening of Tuesday, 12 November 2013 Zhaklin had her fourth litter; this was the eigth litter Mr. Silver's has sired here at Semper Fi Siberians. 


       Smokey is reserved for Katherine                Ivan is reserved for Jennifer & Andrew             Ellie is going home with Mike and Megan


Bruno is reserved for John & Amy                          "Tasha" will go home to Andrew                             "Trouble" adopted Barbara

* * * * *

19 June 2013

Mr. Silver and Ms Zhaklin had a litter of six beautiful kittens born on 19 June 2013, two girls and four boys. This was an "Oops." We had no intention of allowing Jackie to become pregnant so soon, but trying to keep lovers apart when the juices flow proved impossible with these two. We haven't figured out who had the ability to unlock the door to her room, but we "think" it was the crazy Australian Shepherd, Zeke. Can you imagine what it is like with nine kittens running around that room with all those toys? It's better than watching TV.

                                                        Fifi adopted Aneta & Karoline           Smokey is going home with Debra and family                 Rasputin adopted Vickie & Chuck


                                                                                Charlie adopted Sandra                         Blue will live with Jenn                   Vladimire adopted Jake & Catrina


* * * * *

23/24 February 2013

Mr Silver and Zhaklin were the proud parents of a litter of two beautiful kittens born the evening of 23 February 2013 and the early morning hours of the 24th. This was Mr. Silver's very first litter he has ever fathered; it was Zhaklin's second. As best as we can tell at this early stage there ia one girl and one boy. Mom and kittens are doing very well; the kittens are gaining their normal one-half ounce per day. We allowed Mr. Silver to peak at the babies on day three, and he seemed to puff up his chest a bit, but then maybe I was imagining things! 

                       Lulu was adopted by Shelly & Family                   Hannibal was adopted by Shea                                   

* * * * *

2 September 2012

Zhaklin and Sterling Silver of Sabano Cattery mated and she gave birth to her first litter. She had three boys and one girl. She has been the purr-fect mother. The photos below were taken at various stages between 4-6 weeks.

Amelia was adopted by Kelly             Archer adopted Joe                    Mr. Chipping adopted Jan             Kitty Wampus adopted Carmen

NOTE: Captions in red denotes a second adoption from Semper Fi Siberians

Sophia                    Izabella                    Liliya                     Magdalena                    Anastasia

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