Swameytails Sophia of SemperFi

Sophia (Sophie) is a Seal Lynx (Tabby) Point

All of Ms. Sophia's litters came from her mating with Mr. Silver;
they always presented us with beautiful litters, many of which were Colorpoints since he carried the gene as well.
Sophia has been spayed and will remain part of the Bathurst family.

                                      "Hi, I'm Ms. Sophia"                        "I may be a Siberian, but I don't like snow" 11/21/2015

Litter Number Seven

Sophie and Mr. Silver became the proud parents of six kittens. There are two blue Yelena and Andrey (white paws), one black and silver (Zoya), and three colorpoints (Boris, Dimitry. & Viktor). All are doing wonderful under the watchful eye of Sophie! Here they are at two weeks trying to focus on the world for the first time. Their names are only for identification purpses. Always check Nancy's blog for more up-to-date information.

Boris (male)                                                           Dimitry (male)                                                               Viktor (male)

Yelena (female)                                                              Zoya (female)                                                          Andrey (male)

 * * * * *

2 October 2015

Sophie surprised everyone except Mother Nature. She has always had large litters, (between six and eight), and according to her weight we expected the same this time,
but we have decided that Mother Nature thought she needed a break. So during the day of 2 October she gave birth to one kitten. We were absolutely shocked!

His name is Boris and he chose to go home with Chad and his family. Mom seems quite content to only have one baby to care for.

* * * * *

29 April 2015

On Wednesday, 29 April, Mr. Silver and Ms. Sophia became the proud parents of six gorgeous, healthy babies; three boys and three girls -- a perfect 50/50.
You have to read Nancy's Blog about how the day went and Sophie's stubborness about where SHE wanted her babies born; it's quite hilarious.

Elizabeth adopted Alvin                     Pacey  adopted Brittany                          Rosie is loving her new home with George & Cheryl

         Julie adopted Sasha                                      Sophie adopted Patricia                             Wifi loves his name with McKenzie

* * * * *

20 September 2014

Mr. Silver and Ms. Sophie always seem to produce large litters and this time was no different. Ms. Sophie gave birth to seven babies on 20 September, five colorpoints and two black silvers. And as always, she needed no help from Jim, the mid-wife. We've been told by breeder friends that the law of averages always evens things out to 50/50 boys and girls. Well, the girls better get busy because they are losing; this litter was six boys and one girl.

     Halo went home with Jill                       Lambeau adopted Kip, Anita, & Drew            Mishka went home with Jeffery, Danielle, Abby, & Lauren         Ollie went home with Emily

                                           Pepper adopted Rania & Josh                               Sandrine, Dave, Kaiden, Kingston, & Teo adopted Snowball        Tchaikovsky adopted Ksjusha

* * * * *
 25 March 2014

We are proud to announce that last evening, 25 March, Mr. Silver and Ms. Sophia became the proud parents of six gorgeous babies. It appears that Sophie ruled out in this litter; at this early stage, which is too early to determine exact shading, there are five colorpoints and one black. Momma came through the delivery process with flying colors; she did not want or need our help one time. Mom and babies are doing fine.

A bundle of energy and joy

Shawn & Stephanie adopted Lincoln             Max adopted Becky & Family                                   Sansa adopted Brogan

Vladimir Boris adopted Laura                         Ziggy Stardust adopted Brian & Family            Sophie is with her brother Lincoln

  * * * * *

5 August 2013

Mr. Silver and Ms. Sophia had a litter of eight, yes, I said eight, during the earling morning hours of Monday, 5 August 2013.
It was a long night for all of us that began about 2300 Sunday and ended about 0400 Monday.
In the litter are three Colorpoints and five black with silver or white.

A beautiful kitten for a beautiful lady!        Grace fell in love with Hailey right from the beginning.        Sarah and John selected beautiful Zoey.        Darren and Richard ready to go to the U of I - do they have classes for Siberians?
       Zoe adopted Staci and her daughter, Hailey, adopted Grace                    Sarah & John adopted Zoey          Darren, a U of I student, now has
                                                                                                                                                                                 Richard to help with his homework


                              A beautiful, loving family for Talya.          Mitzi getting some loving from Dane.             I believe that smile says it was worth the wait!            Brittanie has been on our wait list a long time waiting for the perfect kitten and she found it in Majesty.
                              Abrina, Colton, Aaron, & Debbie         Mitzi has already fallen in love      Katie says the wait was worth every       Brittanie waited a long time for the
                               adopted Talya so Mishka, from                           with Dane                       minute. She detassled corn all summer     for the purr-fect kitten - Majesty
                              Sophie's first litter would have a                                                                         to be able to adopt Malcolm

* * * * *

1 April 2013

Sophia gave birth to six gorgeous kittens early on April Fools morning. Three colopoints and three blacks; three girls and and three boys. Mom and kittens are doing great. Like her cattery sisters, Sophia has shown to be a superb mother; she won't even let Dad see the babies, what a bummer! 


                                                 Leo has gone home with Cari                          Katmandu adopted Carmen, Maurice,                                   Bronze is giving lots of love to Parleen
                                                                                                                                   and Kitty Wampus from
                                                                                                                                      Zhaklin's first litter

Mishka adopted the Smith family                               Greta went home with April                                     Gracie adopted John

NOTE: Red captions denotes a second kitten adopted from Semper Fi Siberians

* * * * *

               Izabella                    Liliya                    Magdalena                    Anastasia


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