Tunies Siberians Anastasia of Semper Fi

Anastasia (Ana) is a Brown Classic Torbie

Ana came to us from our fellow breeder and friend, Andrea, at Tunies Siberians in Minnesota. She wass best buds with Magdalena; they were forever chasing each other around the house and wrestling. If I did not know better, I'd think Ana and Izzy had to be related somewhere in their pedigree as they were so much alike in temperment and personality. Between the two of them I don't know who was more devilish and always into everything. Tell me you can't see the devilishness in her eyes. Of course, I mean that in a good way, she pushed the Siberian personality of being open, gregarious, curious, fun-loving, and friendly. We were excited about adding a "Classic" back into our cattery. All of Ana's babies were sired by Mr. Silver. Ana will continue her breeding career by going “home” to Tunies Siberians and the loving care of her breeder, Andrea.


* * * * *

Beginning at 2330 Monday and ending at 0400 Tuesday, Ana provided us with six beautiful healthy babies, the perfect size litter. Kittens are now up and about and hard to keep them in their birthing room. Here they are with Nancy's names. She always thinks of poetry in motion when she looks at Ana with her classic swirls and angel wings on her back (see second photo above), so she named them after, what else, but poets. Remember, these are the names Nancy gives them for ID purposes. Once selected, the pet parent gives us their real name so we can begin socializing using that name.

               All of Them                        Emily Dickinson                  Walt Whitman                   Edgar Allen Poe & Stephen Crane                    Robert Frost                               William Shakespeare

* * * * * 
Starting around noon on Wednesday Ana began labor and by1630 her and Mr. Silver were blessed with a family of three beautiful, healthy babies Mom and babies are doing super. We think they are all boys. Photos to follow when their eyes open.

* * * * *

Ana gave birth to four gorgeous, healthy babies:two Colorpoints (both boys), a Black Silver Torbie, and a Black/Silver Classic.
Michelle and Jack came to pick up                     Kelly reports Klaus was Mr. Popularity at                Nikki adopted Samara joins Semper Fi              Cinder is the perfect present. Mom, Dad,                                        ,                                                             the vet's office. "He was an angel, and                    Siberian Niko, who is 8 monthjs old                 brother John and sister Elya drove all the
                                                    accepted the attention with regal grace."                                                                                          way from Iowa to make this birthday wish
come true!
* * * * *

Starting around 11:30 PM on Saturday, 27 June, Ana went into labor on our bed (yes, I said our bed) as we were lying there reading. Almost immediately out came number one. The birthing box had been prepared, but she chose otherwise, albeit we were able to quickly move mom and her baby to the box. Several hours later she became the proud mother of eight squirming, crying, healthy, beautiful babies. What a joy it is to watch this life-beginning event. No matter how many times we participate in the birthing process, it is always a moving experience to witness.There are four males and four females -- a perfect 50/50! Ana is the ideal mother -- she will not leave the room where her babies are located. All have gone to there forever homes.

               Leo adopted Michell                     Skylar was adopted Aaliya                              Prince Henry adopted Heather                                  Francesca was adopted by Kelly 

       Anna was also adopted by Michelle          Orange Julius was adopted by Caitlin          Alysa was adopted by Bill & Amy                         Leopold was also adopted by Kelly

* * * * *

Captions in red indicate a second kitten adopted from Semper Fi Siberians

                    Sophia                    Izabella                    Liliya                    Magdalena

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