Inspurrations Liliya of Semper Fi
aka Aunt Liliya
Liliya (Lily) is a Blue Cream w/White

     Lily loves Florida                             BUT                         Doesn't like snow   

Lily turned out to be a very caring and conscientious mom. As her kittens were sired by Mr. SilverThe color combinations between the two of them are like a "box of chocolates," you never know what you are going to get, but they are always healthy gorgeous Siberians. For example, here is one of her "boxes of chocolates." We refer to her as "Aunt Lily" since she absolutely loved kittens and didn't care to whom they belong. When moms have babies in one of the bedrooms Lily wants to go see them and help mom groom them. And all the moms, except Sophie, welcomed her assistance. Sophie was a very protective mom and would not allow any other cat in the room with her babies. Lily has been recently spayed and will be joining Ann in Rochester, IL. Ann’s daughter, Christy and her family, already have two Semper Fi Siberians.

* * * * *

Starting at 2245 on Tuesday, 7 February and ending at 0400 Wednesday morning, Lily gave birth to three absolutely gorgeous kittens. As always, it was another box of chocholates, As you know, Nancy always named them after certain people until their pet parent selected them and gave them their real name so we could use it for socialization. Can anyone guess who these three were named after? Hint, one is missing.

At the Vets for their eight-week health exam. Everyone fell in love with them
so much they wanted to take a photo for the Office Journal. So now they are stars.
By the way, they passed the exam with flying colors.

Missing a Litter here; work in progress

* * * * *

On Monday, 11 January, Lilly gave birth to five healthy kittens -- another "box of chocolates" for which she is famous. Mom and the babies are doing extremely well. It's always amazing how their coloring can change as they grow, so we'll have to wait and see what they will actually be when the selection process begins at week five. Here they are going home.

                                                                    Alexa adopted Bianca                 Bridget adopted Everest         Gizmo adopted Asha, Kik, and Jeeves           Amber adopted Russell                  Rod, Kristin, Eleanor, and Collin                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   selected Victoria

We are often asked if the Mommas miss their babies when they go to their forever homes. The answer, of course, is yes they do. However, they get over it rather quickly, but for the first few days once the last of the litter leaves, Momma will often search the entire house as though she is looking for them. We thought this picture says it all as Liliya gives Bianca one last bath before Alexa departs with her in the carrier.

* * * * *

Lily surprised us with another "box of chocolates." She had a full litter of eight babies on 15 July 2015 -- six boys and two girls.

             Dinora adopted Maya                                David adopted Sabina                                Nina adopted Marco as a Breeder      Julia & Family adopted Rain Cloud

            Pavlo & Petya adopted Lynn for their forever Mom                              Scott, Roberta, Jake, & Sam adopted Staley                  Megan adopted Enzo

* * * * * 


Begining late in the evening on Friday, 27 Feburary, Lily gave birth to six gorgeous kittens. The birthing process went smoothly. 
Mom and the babies are doing fabulous; Lily actually loves being a mother.

  Chester is with Steve                Felix & Fiona are with Chris & Gina                 Jasper is with Joe & Alissa                Lana is with Julie              Rosie is with Scott & Kristie

* * * * *

Mr. Silver and Ms. Liliya are the proud parents of four healthy kittens born during the early morning hours of Saturday, 23 August. 

   Lincoln's forever family                    Zoey joins her new family                  John loves his new Kazimir            Mischief meets Trouble
* * * * *

NOTE: Captions in red indicate a second adoption from Semper Fi Siberians.
NOTE: Captions in green indicate a third adoption from Semper Fi Siberians.

 Zhaklin                    Sophia                    Izabella                    Magdalena                    Anastasia

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