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Meet Nancy & Jim - "A Rose and a Thorn"
Taken at the USMC Birthday Ball in Naples, Florida November 2014 where Jim was the guest speaker

We have been married for thirty-one years and from the very beginning we have shared our home with either dogs or cats or both. Our love of animals is something that influences many of our decisions such as where we live, how we spend our days, and our means of transportation. We love to travel and since we are retired, we do so quite often. That is why we vacation in our motor home. When we take off, so do our pets…right beside us. 

So why do we have a Siberian? One day, out of the blue, Jim said, "We have two dogs, but only one cat. Zoe needs a playmate."  I said, "No more pets; especially a cat."

After lots of discussion on the subject, I finally agreed, but with one stipulation. I had read about the Siberian, and how people with allergies could often tolerate them. So I said I would research more on the Siberian breed and if I can find one to rescue, I will agree. Many hours were spent on the computer searching every site I could find – no Siberians. I even went to a Siberian Rescue site and they said they very rarely get a cat for rescue. 

The more we learned, the more we fell in love with Siberians. We went to a couple of cat shows hoping to see many Siberians, but usually there were only one or two. So Jim said why don’t we purchase a Siberian breeder quality female kitten and when she is old enough, breed her so we can have lots of these beautiful kittens running around the house! Believe me; it took many more hours of discussions before he convinced me. In fact, I was never really convinced until Nadeah came into our life.

After searching every Siberian website we could find, we finally contacted Jackie at Inspurrations. We told her what we wanted to do and she said she would consider it, but first she wanted to talk with our vet to find out what kind of pet parents we were. And then she wanted us to have a stud lined up so she could make sure there was no inbreeding. We applauded her professionalism and her actions as a responsible breeder.

Weeks of waiting finally passed until October 2010 we packed the “family” into the motor home and took off for Pennsylvania to visit Jackie and bring our new baby, Nadeah, home.

When Nadeah became one year old we had her bred with an exceptional Siberian stud.  Our goal then became to share these beautiful, personable cats with others.

While you may read comments from naysayers disclaiming the hypoallergenic qualities of the Siberian, and although there has been no scientific study to validate this characteristic, our experiences are proof enough for us. A testimonial to the Siberian's hypoallergenic characteristic happened when we took Nadeah and her two kittens to the Vet for the kitten's first shots. The Vet's assistant handled all three of them and on the third one, she commented to her boss, "Look at me, I've handled all three of these cats and I have had no reaction." The Vet confirmed that by now she normally had tears streaming down her face and sneezing her head off. The assistant knew nothing about Siberian cats. This was a totally unsolicited testimony to the Siberian's unique characteristic. You will find additional examples on our Testimonials page.


Our cattery was registered with both The International Cat Association (TICA), and the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA). The cattery was registered as SemperFi with TICA and SemprFidelis with CFA. The two organizations have different restrictions as to the number of letters and spaces allowed when registering a cat/kitten. The following statement wass required for using the TICA logo on a web site. "This cattery has not been inspected by and is not endorsed by The International Cat Association."

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