Midnite Sun Izabella of Semper Fi

Izabella (Izzy) is a Red Mackerel Tabby

Izabella epitomized everything you have ever read about the Siberian breed; hyper-active, gregarious, extremely playful (she taught us how to play fetch), into everything you were doing, and I do mean everything, and yet a true sweetheart. Izzy has now been retired, but we kept her page to show the beautiful kittens that came from her and Mr. Silver. All of her matings were with Mr. Silver, and they all had her "into everything" personality. Many people falsely refer to her color as "Orange." There is no orange color in the feline world; it is various shades of red. Additionally, most do not know the overwhelming majority of all red cats regardless of breed are male. So, Izzy was special.
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Third Litter
Mr. Silver and Ms. Izabella are the proud parents of five beautiful, healthy babies born during the day (BTW that was a blessing for us as they are usually born after midnight) on Saturday, 4 April, which was exactly on the projected date. 
                                Buster & Freya were adopted by Dawn & Daniel                                             Ann adopted Nikki                      Alexandra adopted London       Jezzy is being loved by Korrel
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Second Litter
Izabella and Mr. Silver are the parents of two beautiful kittens. Both Mom and babies are doing great, in fact Izabella really likes being a mom, especially when there are only two! LOL  The Red Tabby male (Leo) has already been reserved for Tubba and Zaman, and the Silver Torbie female is on hold as a potential breeder for our mentor, Jackie.
Anastasia became a breeder and Leo was adopted by Zarman

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First Litter

Semper Fi Siberians is proud to announce Ms. Izabella's first litter. She and Mr. Silver had four gorgeous kittens, three girls (two Torties and a Black Silver) and one Colorpoint boy. The below photos were taken at two weeks. Don't forget to check Nancy's blog for the most up-to-date photos and information.
        Abbie went home with Janet                Chloe  was adopted by Lisa                                Robert adopted Fable                                                    Sara adopted Izzy (Jr.)
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Note: Captions in red indicate a second kitten adopted from Semper Fi Siberians

Zhaklin                    Sophia                   Liliya                    Magdalena                    Anastasia

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