Retired Adults

Inspurrations Liliya of Semper Fi

In October 2013, Jim flew to Eastern Pennsylvania and visited our personal friend and mentor, Jackie, of Inspurrations Cattery. Semper Fi Siberians would never have come to fruition had it not been for Jackie. We acquired both Nadeah and Zhaklin from Jackie. This time Jim picked up another gorgeous gem. Meet Inspurrations Liliya of Semper Fi. She is a Blue Cream with White; in her case it is "high" white. She has the greatest personality and has won the hearts of all the other girls. We have always been amazed at Izabella's demand for our time and the level of involvement she insists from us, and now we have two of them! When an important task needed to be done, like getting the weekly photos out to the awaiting pet parents, Nancy had to restrict them from the computer room since they both insisted on helping. Like we tell all perspecvtive pet parents, if you want a docile cat that lays around all day looking gracious, do not get a Siberian. The color combinations that came from her and Mr. Silver were both varied and downright gorgeous. We called her "Aunt Lily," as she loved kittens and didn't care whose they were. She wouldl sneak into a room where a mother was with her kittens, snuggle up to them and give them a bath. That is as long as it was not Sophie as she was very protective of her babies and would not allow any other animal in the room. Lily was just recently spayed and was promisied to XXXXXXXXXX where she will be the absolute center of attention!

Liliya as a Kitten

Liliya as a mature adult, she still has that sweet lovable face

* * * * *

Tunies Siberians Ana of Semper Fi

In September 2014, we adopted Ana from our breeder friend, Andrea, at Tunies Siberians in Minnesota. We wanted her official name to be Anastasia, but her breeder's cattery name was too long so we were limited in spaces, thus the shortened Ana. She was a Brown Classic Torbie, and had the same personality of Izabella, by that I mean she was into everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING!. We were so excited about adding a Classic back into our cattery. Ana has been spayed and is now spending a well deserved life of love, playtime, and relaxation in her forever home with XXXXXXXXXX

* * * * *

Midnite Sun Izabella of Semper Fi

We had been in discussions for quite some time with our breeder friends, Barbara and her daughter Raina, at
Truly Siberians - Midnite Sun Cattery in Olympia, Washington to exchange breeder kittens. They wanted a male black/white, and have adopted "Maverick" from Nadeah's last litter. We had been waiting patiently to see if their Stardust produced any female reds as she had in the past, and she did! For those unfamiliar with feline coloring, a red female is a rarity. Nearly all reds, (sometimes erroneously referred to orange or as a tabby such as "Garfield," the cartoon cat), are males.  So, in July 2013, Nancy flew out to Washington and made the exchange. We are very excited to be able to add a red female to our line. The color combinations available between her and Mr. Silver are impressive. Her name is Izabella (Izzy for short). She is lovable and extremely friendly, which says something about the extent which Barb and Raina go to socialize their kittens. She has to be involved in anything we do, especially if it involves water!

When we adopted Anastasia and Magdalena, the plan was to retire two adults, but Izabella was not one of them. She was the most gregarious and active of all, but with the time we must devote to socializing the new-borns, we simply could not provide Izzy with the attention she demanded and deserved. Therefore, to do what was in the best interest of Izzy and not ourselves, we decided to allow her to be adopted. She was adopted by an older adult family where she will be the only pet, and will certainly get all the love and attention she so richly deserves. Izabella will be sorely missed, especially by Jim as she was his very favorite -- they would play fetch for hours.

Ms. Izabella

* * * * *

CH. Inspurrations Nadeah of SemperFi 

Nadeah was our first Momma. She is a Black Silver Mackerel Torbie with White
She was born on 6 June 2010 and
  was awarded her Champion status by CFA on 21 April 2012

The following pictures are of Nadeah as she grew into the gorgeous lady she is today. The first picture was graciously provided by her breeder and our mentor, Jacqueline Margulies of Inspurrations Cattery in Pennsylvania. We cannot say enough about Jackie, she has gone above and beyond what one would expect from a breeder and mentor. Nadeah was the first Siberian; therefiore, she set the standard for what we learned to expect from these wonderful, amazing creatures. Retiring her was a very difficult decision for us. We considered having her spayed and keeping her, but she had so much love, affection, and absolute joy to give that we believed she should not have to share the receiver with other felines. Nadeah has now been retired and is living with Linda in Michigan. We dearly miss her fun-loving personality. We are certain that her best buddy, Zeke, also misses her.

        Less than twenty-four hours old                                   First day at home                                        Playtime at Fifteen Weeks                                Helping Mom dry the dishes                                   Her friend, the Squirrel

* * * * *

MyAngels Tatiana of SemperFi

Tatiana (Tia) is a Brown Black Classic Tabby

We absolutely loved Tatiana and were always overwelmed by the gorgeous kittens she and Mr. Silver produced. She was such a wonderful mother, but with her gentle, loving personality, she was having problems getting along with two of our other ladies. So she would not have to always be looking over her shoulder, we decided to retire her and allow her to live out her life showering her new parents with love and affection without any other cats to tease her. She has adapted well and is providing Brian and Jamie with lots of kisses and purrs.

We dearly miss her!

* * * * *


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