23 December
Hello Nancy and Jim,
I hope all is well at Semper Fi Siberians! I just wanted to send you a picture of our little Saffron under "her" tree. Our second Christmas with her and she is such a joy to have as part of our family. She is just in love with the tree and is under it day and night. It's sort of her little secret garden. I hope you and your family has a wonderful holiday season!

9 September 2016
This photo just in from Amy, one of our two-time pet parents. She commented that Siberians can even help with homework. I wonder if Lincoln got the correct answer?

* * * * *

2 September 2016
Hi Nancy & Jim,
I hope you are both well.  I have been having some trouble trying to send photos to you guys, so I hope you get these. Jezzy is fantastic!  She is such a sweet girl and we love her SO much!!  Almost every night, she comes into our bedroom at some point, gets on my pillow and lays her head on my head to sleep.  It is so precious! Initially, I didn't think I would be able to sleep, but now I miss it if she doesn't come in.  :) She is such an angel and I can't imagine my life without her. I hope you both have a safe and happy holiday weekend! Warmly, Korrel


Jezzy was born without a right eye. Needless to say we were devaststed and felt so bad for her. We took her to our Vet, Gary, in Chatham (the best we have ever had); he examined her a said she was in perfect health. Then he explained something that made all the sense in the world. He said, "she will grow up to be a very loving, affectionate, gregarious, inquistive, typical exuberant Siberian because she doesn't know she has only one eye. To her everything is normal." That's exactly what happened, but to make her life even more wonderful, we found the perfect pet parent for Jezzy. Thank you so much, Korrel, for making Jezzy so much a part of your life.

 * * * * *

28 June 2016
Loved your last post with Ana's kittens names!  Very clever.  Sorry to hear you are feeling a bit blue. I hope all of those little bundles of fur help you turn your smile back on.

Nadeah is a VERY active 6 year old!  She has her quiet times (mostly when I'm at work), so evenings are mostly her wanting me to chase her or play with her which I am glad to accommodate!  She is such a good girl and rarely gets into things. I learned early-on that plastic baggies seemed to be a tasty treat to her but clearly not a healthy one.  I have to ensure anything that is plastic, has plastic tape or such be kept hidden and out of reach. Both of her cat sitters have specific instructions -- don't leave anything plastic within her reach and that means things on top of tables, cabinets, or mantles! 

I made one of those t-shirt boxes for her back when you posted that tip and she loves it. I put it up on a chair and I frequently go looking for her and find her in there. I've been trying to catch a video of her playing with Da Bird and Da Mouse, but as you know it's hard to control the toy and try to film at the same time! I'm not that coordinated!  :-)

She is such a special part of my life and I so absolutely adore her. It is wonderful coming home to hear her voice as soon as I open the door and there she is sprawled out on the kitchen floor rolling over on her back. It makes all the craziness of the day melt away! 

My best to you and Jim and all of the four-legged creatures in your home!

Linda adopted Nadeah, who was our first Siberian we acquired in 2010. She became a Champiuon very early in her career. While we really hated to adopt her out, she needed lots of love and affection, and as our cattery grew, we considered her well-being above all else. And while it broke our hearts, we knew she was going to a super loving home and would get all the attention she so richly deserved. Siberians retain that kitten-like, playful personality for many years, while many felines slow down and become a graceful figure head in the household. Thank you Linda!

* * * * *

10 April 2016:
Hi Jim and Nancy!
Hope you are both doing well. It was lovely to meet both of you yesterday! The love you have for all your kitties was very apparent to us. Thank you for all the time you spent with us answering our questions and teaching us how to care for Cinder. Cinder is adjusting very well. She become comfortable in Alura's room very quickly yesterday and wanted to play. She would not eat her canned food yesterday but did eat some dry food at bedtime and during the night. She used her litter box for the first time during the night. Cinder and Alura have become very close already. Cinder spent the entire night snuggling in bed with Alura :) I'm also happy to report that Cinder ate her lunch today! Apparently she likes her food better when Alura holds the dish for her :) Cinder is an absolute joy and we could not be happier to finally have her home with us! We thank you both from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to adopt this little angel.
Sincerely, Leah 

* * * * *

10 April 2016
Hi Nancy & Jim,
Overall great first week for Gizmo. He has been held and loved more than he probably ever thought possible...he is getting along with both sisters well....loves to play with Zoey and eat with Izzy...he's got his favorite spots to sleep and nicknames that he's called. He has his quirks like his crackly meow and fondness of licking noses and necks and nibbling fingers. Everyone is smitten with him and enjoying him 100%! Thanks 
Nancy for another great (and yes, last) Siberian! Sara


* * * * *

Hi Nancy,
So glad you love it! She'll be proud to be a star someday! You'll probably then get a ton of email with everyone submitting their favorite leaping cat videos! Her eyes look perfect. The appointment with the ophthalmologist is tomorrow. I'll definitely let you know. I see that in terms of growth Garsha is quickly surpassing her. He weighs about 11-1/2 pounds now. She weighs about 8-1/2. Does this seems normal? Of course she lost some time when she was so sick and on antibiotics for many weeks in a row due to her various ailments. She seems absolutely healthy -- eats well, plays hard, and is a total charmer. As is Garsha, by the way. I would say that he definitely feels like a "guy." Just a bit wilder and bigger and muscley.

I am doing a little clicker training with them. It's very funny. They tell you to separate the cats to train them but they hate being separated so basically I train Garsha -- who absolutely loves to work for treats -- and then I treat Sabina everytime Garsha gets a treat. So she learns nothing except where to go to get the treat. They both come running (usually) when I whistle now. Garsha can sit, and high-five, and leap to whatever surface I tap on. He can also dare to sort of tightrope walk in one of those cat tunnels when I hold it up between the couch and a chair. Oh, he's proud to get it right and can never get enough.  He's a natural fetcher too. They both can wear halters and leashes. I tried to guide them into the yard the other day (on leashes) but they were terrified. So that's almost good news. I don't want them darting out. But hopefully once the weather is nice, they'll come out on their leashes and enjoy sniffing around.

We absolutely love them to pieces and are always grateful that we found you and Jim and these little dears. I probably don't tell you often enough how much we appreciate the loving environment you gave them and the support you gave and still give us.

* * * * * 

7 April 2016

Hi Nancy & Jim,
Here are a couple of pictures of Buster and Freya helping Dan build their birthday present.  I hope you can visit them in the near future.


* * * * *

3 April 2016

Hello Nancy and Jim,
I just wanted to give you a quick update from our vet visit on Wednesday. I’m not sure what the weather was like there, but here it was pouring down rain. Klaus was none too happy to go out, and protested loudly for about half the car ride to the vet until Martin could calm him down – he needed to watch those suspicious windshield wipers. At the vet, he was Mr. Popularity. All of the vet techs came in to see him and ask if they could say hello. He was an angel, and accepted the attention with regal grace. They took a picture of him for the Facebook page, so he is already famous. The vet said he is a picture of perfect health, and he weighed in at 3.3lbs… Not sure how he put on 0.3lbs in 5 days, but he is a VERY good eater. We’re actually at about a can and a half (plus 1/8 dry) per day! He had a distemper shot, and is due back for his last distemper and rabies in 3 weeks.

He’s put on another 0.1 lbs since then (I weighed him this morning). He ignored us the evening and day after the vet appointment (I think he saw that temperature probe as base betrayal), but has warmed up completely since then, and was absolutely the best cat today. He is by our side all the time, and is curious about everything we do. He’s learning “no” (sometimes) and is responding to his name (when he feels like it).
Thank you again so much for your hard work in bringing him to this point. I am so grateful that we don’t have to worry about litter box training, and we don’t have a skittish little guy who hides 90% of the time. This one obviously wants to be wherever the action is. Hope you have a lovely weekend!
Best regards, Kelly.

* * * * *

10 February 
Dear Nancy,
Although we've spoken about this before, and you've been seeing my Facebook posts, I wanted to take a minute to let you know how special I think Izzy and Zoey are. I am not sure if it's the Siberian breed and their capacity for love and intelligence...but as you know Kiki has been sick since Sunday, diagnosed with Influenza A which is a strain of the bird flu. Illnesses are serious for her because she has asthma so already is high risk for complications. Kiki loves our two Siberians and treats them like her babies, and they love her. Well, ever since she has been sick, the cats have barely left her side. As she sleeps on the couch, they are within a 6 foot radius of her. Every night Izzy has stuck right by Kiki in bed, including the night before last night when I woke at 5am to find Izzy standing at Kiki's feet watching her, and last night at 2:30am when I woke and found Izzy next to Kiki in bed, standing next to her practically asleep. It's like she was standing guard over Kiki, and fell asleep in the process but didn't dare to lay down. What kind of cat does that? Zoey has been following Kiki around, including yesterday when I finally got her in the shower for a wash and Zoey stood on the toilet watching the shower curtain the whole time. Last night we went through a rough patch and I spent a half hour putting a cold washcloth on Kiki to bring down her 104 fever, and both cats kept their distance but were across the room, watching. Whoever said cats aren't smart, hasn't had a Siberian! I am not writing to boast about the intellectual capacity of Siberians, but to let you know how grateful I am for the love and companionship they show Kiki. I have been taking pictures all along and showing Kiki and the love she feels from her cats, I believe, has been a shining light through her sickness. Today she is feeling much better and the cats have relaxed...as Kiki plays her iPad on the couch I am not even sure where the cats are. It's like they know they can relax and well, probably sleep lol. I know we paid for these cats, but you can't put a price on that love and companionship. We look so forward to our third (and final!!!!) Siberian to join our family. 

I just wanted to share. :)  Sara

* * * * *

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