21 November 2015;
Alvin is now SUPER AFFECTIONATE and loves eating his Life’s Abundance canned food and kibbles.I switched to grain free and he is loving it so I might stick with it. Growing up I have had about 6 cats and they were nothing like Alvin. He is something else, so gentle and so smart. I talk to him so much and I swear he talks back,we have had wonderful chats that could last about 5 minutes. We all feel we have a special bond with Alvin. My son went boy scouts camping last month and Alvin slept on my sons bed while he was gone . My son came home in the evening and left his sleeping bag on the floor for me to wash,the next morning while he was at school. Alvin played hide and seek, gave himself a bath and then slept inside the sleeping bag for hours until I took it and threw it in the washer. My husband has had a few allergies with him but he said it's not bad at all; he really loves Alvin and still gives him morning kisses. I bought Allerpet and have also given him a bath once a month and it has reduced the sneezing . Siberians truly are very very special cats. I thought people exaggerated when they said they were so  much different from regular cats Now I see it's true and I feel so lucky to have found one for my family.  Sorry for such a long message. I just told you everything you already know about  how awesome Siberians are. Thanks again and again and again for him.  He's now about 7 months old and 10 pounds, yikes!!  Here is a new picture. He hangs out in the living room after 3pm just waiting for the school bus to drop off the kids. November 20, 2015

* * * * *

20 November 2015; I
t's Nadeah's one year anniversary with me and all I can say is - - - THANK YOU once again!!!  She is the such an amazing creature and I so truly love her!  I am so thankful every day that you allowed her to become part of my life.  She brings such joy into each and every day and I think I provide her with the same.  Linda


* * * * *

28 August 2015: 
Hi Jim and Nancy!Just wanted to let you know that the first night went great!! I think the car ride home was a bit stressful and confusing although they did seem to sleep through some of it.  I got home the exact minute that my oldest son's bus got to the house.  I was actually right behind the bus and saw him dart off the bus and bolt toward the door knowing today was kitten day!  It was too cute.  My son, Zak, and I went to the room together and opened the carrier.  We were quiet and let them come out on their own and look around while we just sat there and watched. In no time they were playing with the toys around them and interacting with us. About a half hour later the rest of the kids came home.  They were quiet but joined in on the play.  There were 4 fishing poles, a ton of mice, tunnels, and scratchers all being played with.  The kitten seems to love all the action!  It was quiet action though.  The kids were very good about not yelling and being loud.  They laughed a lot but really kept it down.  I was proud of them. 

After a bit of orientation and fun we fed the kittens.  They ate like crazy with no hesitation whatsoever!  They drank from their moving water fountain that you suggested and both successfully used the litter box!  It was all very reassuring. The kittens got really worn out; Leo even nodded off in the litter box!  lol!  I took him out gently by his scruff and placed him in a bed with one of your blankets.  Anna came next to him and they slept.  They looked so cute!  

My two older boys set up pillows and blankets in there for the night and went to bed with them.  The kittens woke them up multiple times through the night! Lol!  They wanted to play and cuddle and purred like crazy!  Their motors were running the whole time and they were sooooooo loving to the boys and I.  They nuzzled us, let us pet and cuddle them, slept close to us, and licked us.  The boys were so happy and just loving the whole experience.  I do not know how you guys got any sleep at all!!  I once had 5 kids all under 5 years old and never slept then either!  Wow!  It's fun though, the boys are running on pure adrenaline!  They were up a lot at night but got up at 6am and fed the kittens and went to school.  They didn't seem tired at all.  They seemed wide awake and on top of the world!

While the kids have been at school I have been hanging out with the kittens and they have been loving me up like crazy.  They walk on me and nuzzle me and purr and purr and purr. They let me pet them, brush them, hold them, rub their bellies, anything!  They seem so confident, comfortable, and well adjusted.  That is all because of you guys and they way you cared for them.  I am so grateful for that!!  I have had psycho cats in my younger past and that is no fun at all.  I am so so so grateful for these perfectly emotionally stable healthy beautiful kittens.  I have had kittens that have been taken away from their mother too early, cats that were declawed and bit everybody, and cats with emotional issues that hid all the time and would pee all over the house.  These kittens are none of those things and I can fully appreciate all that you guys have done to give them the best start they could have ever received from both a physical and an emotional standpoint.  THANK YOU!!!!!  I just can't say that enough! 

I ordered the food last night so it will definitely be here soon and we are taking them to the vet tonight.  The vet didn't take my name or anything on the phone and said come on in!  So I'm gonna tease them a bit!  When they lay their eyes on these beautiful kittens and ask where we got them I'm going to say that we just found them wandering outside and see what they say.  Hahahaha!  They will be like.. what?? How could you have such beautiful show quality kittens just wander in your life?"  Hahahaha!  Then I'll say... April Fools!  Just kidding, they are pure beautiful registered Siberian beauties.  :-) 
I have some pictures that aren't yet uploaded to the computer but we will definitely share them and keep you posted!  We've had a wonderful first day and anticipate it getting nothing but better and better!! Michele :-) 

* * * * *

23 July 2015; Dear Jim & Nancy;
We are in love with the many different looks he gives us, we can tell when he's hungry, tired, scared, bored, lonely, or wanting to play just by looking into his eyes. Alvin just feels so right for us. He was meant to be a member of this family.. He loves to be loved. Not sure if we are spoiling him or if he's spoiling us. He's been with us almost a week and already he walks around this house like he's been here for years. After I spoke with you today it was like a miracle, the little bit of crying stopped. I also decided to add a bit of warm water to his canned food and mix it together, he immediately ate it. It has been a great day, thanks Jim and Nancy so much for Alvin. You are wonderful, he's simply the best! Here are some photos.



* * * * *


23 July 2015:Dear Nancy and Jim,

We adore Nikki.  He is the sweetest, most loving, precious kitten we can imagine! He made the trip well and ate, drank, and used the litter box as soon as we arrived, and we played and played.  He woke us this morning with purrs, kisses, and face licking!  What a joy.  We stayed in bed for an hour and played with him. Today we took Nikki to the vet, and he got two shots and liquid deworming meds.  He ate when we returned, but he has slept most of the evening.  Hopefully his energy will return tomorrow.  He was not very impressed with the lady vet, but she really liked him.Thank you again for your gracious hospitality.  The conversation and the meal were wonderful;  we appreciate your kindnesses so much.And most of all, thank you for all you did to help Nikki to be such a darling kitten. Sincerely, Ann and Bob

* * * * *

1 July 2015: Jim and Nancy,
I thought I'd write and give you a Rose update! We all absolutely adore this little cat!  She is playful and vibrant and talkative (her little meows and noises are so sweet).  She's involved in everything we do at home…..and she seems to love the high energy of all our boys. She runs around the house with them, which is so fun. She sleeps with one of the older boys every night, and loves to pounce on their feet under the blankets.  She is a bit of a cat toy destroyer, but we kind of expected that.These little stuffed mice are her favorite, she proudly carries them all over the house and even drops them at our feet when she's done.This last weekend, my family from out of town visited and she welcomed them by napping with my dad and playing/following everyone she could. She passed her vet check-up this morning with flying colors, she now weighs right about 4 lbs…..and won't be due back until September, when we will schedule her to be spayed.  And I have to include a pic of our gorgeous girl from 2 weeks ago. We have had zero allergy issues from my son, we feel so lucky!


* * * * *

4 May 2015: Nancy,
What an incredible day this has been! It is now 9:22 pm, and Dexter is laying against me purring and grooming himself. When I got home, I set his carrier in my room and prepared 1/4 can of food for him. I set it in a nice bowl next to me, and opened his carrier. He immediately proceeded to explore my room for the next 2 hours, eat the food, use the litter box, and drink from his water fountain! You really trained him to be such a good boy! After that, the fun really began. I played cat and mouse with him with a mouse fishing pole dancer toy, played with a birdie feather toy (he LOVES that one!), and played forever with his spring! Me and him have a blast with that silly little spring! He took three naps between this fun, and he always slept close to me. He has allowed me to snuggle him and pet him and play with him! He comes when I call his name, and purrs CONTINUOUSLY when he is around me... What does that mean?? When he reaches a 1-foot radius of me, he starts to purr nonstop!! He also rolls over a lot and shows me his cute tummy. When I leave the room, he meows and I find him snuggled in my bed and blankets waiting for me to play!! He has also eaten another 1/4 can this evening and some dry kibble.
The only worrisome thing that happened (mostly for me) is that he coughed up a hair ball! My friends and family said that cats may do that.
I've been by his side all day, and now he is resting, practically in my arms, as I write this to you. I am so grateful for the experience to love and enjoy such a wonderful companion as Dexter.  
With gratitude and love,

Yes, hairballs are quite common in the feline world; however, Siberians experience it less than most cats. In fact, our short-hair domestic, Zoe, who was adopted from a shelter prior to our getting our first Siberian is always coughing up hairballs. Yet it is a rarity when one of our Siberians do, so the length of a cats coat appears to have nothibng to do with the hairball problem.

* * * * *

17 April 2015: Hi Nancy,
I meant to send this message sooner but time flies when you're having fun!  I CANNOT believe Lincoln and Sophie are a year old.  I believe cat food serving suggestions would now qualify them as cats but they are still very much kittens at heart.  Since spring is FINALLY here, we've had the windows open which they just love!  This has been hard on me in the evenings since it's normally our cuddle time, but they would prefer to stay by the window lest they miss any outdoor action.

My heart melted when we received the birthday card from you and Jim.  I was actually thinking about you guys right around their birthday (which they share with my niece who just turned six and asked if she could come visit them on their (her) birthday).  When I think of the process of adopting our babies, there is so much warmth in my heart toward you and Jim and I speak often of how wonderful the two of you are!

On their birthday and the days leading up to it, I was thinking about when you used to send us emails titled "Lincoln and Sophie are xx weeks old!" and thought I owed you some - Lincoln and Sophie are one year old pictures!  So, here's a photo from their actual birthday (last one) and some other favorites I thought you might enjoy :)

Hope all is well with you, Jim and your feline (and canine) family. Steph & Shawn

* * * * *

8 February 2015: Hi Nancy and Jim!  I just wanted to contact you, to express our continued joy and grown love for the most AMAZING kitten, we received from you in December 2014. Our Halo (formerly 'White' collar) is truly an incredible cat. We had a special bonding on day one, when I arrived to our home from his Palatine departure - the moment I opened his carrier to let him out into 'his room', he soulfully gazed into my eyes and adorned me with love, climbing all over me, snuggling against me, and purring constantly. To my amazement, his affection has remained like that AND has only grown stronger. He's wonderful to my daughter and husband, but he's especially attached to me - follows me everywhere, climbs on my lap when I sit, sits on my computer keyboard when I'm in the office, JUMPS ON MY BACK when I bend down (he taught me that he likes 'piggy back rides'...he gets all comfortable and doesn't want to climb down once he's up there), and of course he snuggles up close against me all night when we sleep. He often lays ON my chest, because he can't get close' enough! Our bond is truly amazing - he is the sweetest, most LOVING soul!!!

He's also surprised us with how incredibly SMART he is. Early on, he "taught us" to play 'fetch' - since we learned from him, he plays it DAILY with us, initiating the game by bringing his favorite toy to us, and setting it at our feet. He even uses his paws in the most interesting way - I've never seen a cat do this, but he's figured out how to use his paws almost like human hands, often succeeding at picking up toys and throwing them when he wants to.  I know some of these qualities were to be expected from a Siberian, but it's shocking to us to see these traits so early in his youth....I can't help but believe he is just an EXTRA SPECIAL cat!!!

Nancy, as you may recall, I asked you your recommendation on the personality, since I was lucky enough to have the pick of the litter, being at the top of the list. I cannot THANK YOU enough for recommending White collar - he's truly the most wonderful pet we could possibly have in our family.  I know the LOVING care the two of you provided in his earliest months, and the education you gave us for the transition as owners, was integral to giving him the sense of security that has allowed him to be the best cat he could be - thank you so much for the wonderful gift you give to the world through your Siberian breeding program!
Love, Jill (and family!)



* * * * *


10 January 2015: Hello Nancy & Jim! After reading your blog I realized that I have been lacking in communication with you. Jason's allergy issue is completely gone! Personally my opinion is he had a cold and didn't want to admit it;

Lincoln is such a funny guy. One of his favorite things to do is hop into the baby carriage and get pushed around by our youngest Laila. He meows for her to come push him. He was even found sleeping in the baby doll crib. Sometimes he thinks he's a dog too....laying sprawled out on the floor same position as the dogs.. perhaps he's confused.. but he certainly does adapt to the whole environment! ! He likes to give kisses to me in the morning to wake me up by pushing his nose on my face. And lays in the sink while I put on my makeup. When you are all settled in Crystal Lake maybe you could visit him!! We love it here, the old downtown has so much to offer!! Here are some pictures of the little guy. Amy


* * * * *

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