5 December 2013: Hey Nancy & Jim, I hope all is well. I see you are pretty busy with the new litters, (they're adorable). I just wanted to give you an update on Majesty...she is the best! I absolutely adore her. She's eating good and has had her second set of shots. My vet says she is gorgeous! She is so affectionate and literally follows me from room to room! If I'm doing something and she feels I'm not paying her enough attention she has no problem making her presence known!! I just want to thank you again for such a wonderful cat! Attached is a picture of me working on my laptop and Majesty demanding my attention! Happy Holidays, Brittanie
Note: We warn our pet parents upfront that if you want a cat that lays around looking pretty all day while ignoring you, then you do not want a Siberian! They will sometimes drive you crazyinvolving themselves in your daily activities. With our Ms. Izabella, no mater where she is, if one of us turns on a water facet anywhere in the house, she is there within seconds wanting to play in the water.

* * * * *

14 November 2013: Hey Nancy & Jim! I know you've probably heard this a hundred times, but when I say I think I have the best kitten ever, it is by far the absolute truth!!! LOL. The ride home was long but Majesty kept me and my friends plenty of company, she meowed the whole four hrs. LOL. I knew this was because she was ready to get out of that carrier! So although we intended to stop in Chicago for pizza, I decided to just head straight home. I didn't want her to be crated any longer than she had to. Once we got home I took her into her room and opened the door to the carrier. Just as expected she stayed inside for the first ten minutes, but then she darted out so fast that I didn't have to time to shut the door to her room before she was up and out of there!! I didn't want to chase her because I knew that would only make her run more. So I blocked off the steps so she couldn't go any further than the upstairs and I tiptoed behind her to give her enough space where she didn't feel cornered and just talked to her softly trying to coax her to come to me. She didn't seem afraid but just cautious; she would come just close enough to smell my hand but not close enough to where I felt she was okay with me picking her up. After about 20 minutes I decided to go with plan B, thanx to the jar of baby food I was able to slowy lure her back to her room. LOL. This time not underestimating her speed I shut the door immediately after she followed me in. Now, I know I could have easily picked her up and put her back in the room myself but I am a strong believer that owners don't choose their pets, but instead pets choose their owners; this is especially true with cats!! So I didn't want to force anything on her but instead allow her to come at her own will. 

The last few days have been an absolute joy!!! She's been eating and using the litter pan perfectly since night one. She has managed to find a few hiding places, one being inside my closet on top of my luggage, the other is under the bed, but her favorite spot by far is on my lap!!! When she's ready for attention she comes and tries to climb up my leg, or if I'm laying in bed she jumps right in. LOL. Most importantly, my daughter is absolutely crazy about her! I didn't want to overwhelm Majesty on the first night so I let Brielynn stay with her grandmother and didn't bring her home to see Majesty until the next morning. All she talks about now is her cat. In fact, the next day we had a few errands to run with my mother, and my daughter told her, "Listen, ma ma, me and mommy have to get back home soon because we have a cat there waiting on us" LOL. She is constantly saying mommie this is the best cat I have ever seen! . 

Okay, Nancy I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you and Jim, and if you ever need a testimony or come in contact with any hesitant purchasers, just give them my number!!
P.S. I will definitely be keeping you posted on majesty's progress.
A million thank you's from my family to yours, Brittanie and Brielynn

 * * * * *

12 November 2013: Just an update: Zoey is doing great. She's gaining weight and eating well. She's so loving with such a wonderful personality. Such a great experience for my first cat, and my allergies haven't acted up at all!!! Thanks so much, Sarah

* * * * *

10 November 2013: Hi Nancy and Jim. I am sending you the Vet's invoice for Smokey's procedure. She is doing very well. She has adjusted to the household and is the queen of the roost. My clients love her and it has been very therapeutic for them, which was my hope and prayer. The Chinchillas like her and she likes them too. Surprisingly, they are gentle with each other. She and the oldest, Pepper, have bonded and give each other nose to nose. I will try and send you pictures, or I will have Chris do it since he is much better technology-wise.
Take care, Deborah

* * * * *

7 August 2013: We found Semper-Fi Siberians via networking, based on these concerns:  1) a breeder within a reasonable driving distance as I would never ship a kitten and 2) a breeder that was dedicated and committed to loving care for their cats and kittens and did not operate a “kitten factory”.

Nancy and Jim Bathurst of Semper-Fi measured up 101%!  My daughter and I took a ride to visit with them prior to making the final commitment and they were gracious and so hospitable – we “met” most of the Cats and at the time they had several kittens from 6 weeks to 2 weeks old. Nancy and Jim spent a good deal of time explaining the particular traits of the Siberian as well as general expectations for us with the new kitten, but also of us insofar as being pet parents. They operate within a cage less, in-home environment and their charges enjoy pet status!

The process of moving up on the wait list was steady and we were kept informed regularly until our name came up. We selected a little girl named “Gracie” who came to live in her new home at the end of June. Nancy and Jim have continued to be awesome as they answer questions and provide counsel on various kitty-issues that always come up.

I guess the best thing I can say about Nancy and Jim is that they are sincere, “real people”, the type you would want for neighbors!  The entire process was a delight, and I am pleased to now feel a strong personal friendship for each of them.

If you are seeking a quality Siberian Cat from an outstanding breeder and just terrific people to work with, you need look no further than Semper-Fi Siberians and Nancy and Jim Bathurst.
John Amerine
Chicago Area

* * * * *

7 July 2013: Dear Nancy and Jim, Today, on my 1st birthday, I did not want to miss the opportunity to write you some words.What a year! I am still a rookie but I have experienced so much...! Most of those experiences have been with Ire and Gus, my new family. But some others were on my first months and those helped me a lot to develop my personality in order to be the "cat being" I am today.

First of all, thank you for taking care of my mom. What can I say, I would just "not be" without her. I still remember the last time that I saw her in the motor home. She is the most beautiful and elegant lady I will ever know, I am sure of it. Also, thank you for helping her through delivery, I do not have any memories about it but I have been told she had a hard time. Give her a belly massage from me, ok?

Thank you for your love and support. You made me feel like part of the family all the time, even knowing that I would eventually move away and it would be harder to see me leave.Thank you for introducing me to your canine friends. That way I know they are just another kind of companion and not a species to make me upset or afraid. The next treat and scratch under their ears is on me!Thank you for letting me meet your grand kids. I learned those little humans do not play or think as the big ones and I have to be more patient and kind when they are around and want to play with me. 
And thank you for helping Ire and Gus and being there anytime they needed advice. They would have been lost without you! Actually, sometimes they were kind of lost even with you so I am not sure if they were asking you everything... I remember this one time that Ire cleaned my sandbox and put it back in place with the door to the wall. Seriously? Who am I, Houdini? How was I supposed to get in there? I held it for as long as I could hoping she would notice her mistake... Did not happen, so I had to leave a "present" in a corner. Her face was epic! hehehehehe
Well, I hope that is pretty much it. I am attaching a little clip of one of my favorite games, hide and surprise!
With lots of love (and kisses, I am still a kisser!),
PS.- Please forward my best wishes to my brother Milo on his 1st birthday!!
* * * * *

30 May 2013: Hi Jim and Nancy! Just wanted to give you another little update. Hannibal is doing great! He's mostly stopped waking me up at 5:30, and he follows me around all the time. However, I think he's stealing my boyfriend away from me. David came down for the long weekend and they plaaayed and plaaayed. He's not really a cat person, but he LOVES Hannibal. He kept telling me what an awesome cat he was and how much fun he is. I've attached a ridiculously serious picture of them staring out the kitchen window. 

Also, both of my parents have been over to see Hannibal. My mother usually experiences symptoms the moment she walks into a room, but she was fine with Hannibal. He's made a lot of new friends in the past week! Hope you had a good Memorial Day!

* * * * *

25 January 2013:  Hello Nancy & Jim. Here is a photo I took a couple days ago of the gorgeous Mr. Chips! He IS everything I dreamed & hoped he would be and even more! I never realized the fun & company he would be for Checkers (her dog). They are bosom buds. Everyone who sees him comments on his big paws - so I will get the fun to watch him grow into them. We're having our first real snow today. Chips likes to look out the window & watch the wind blow around the stray leaves. He cries at the door when Checkers goes out. I never got a chance to tell you about our first trip to the Vet. They didn't even have Siberians in their data base, so they listed him as a "Domestic Medium Hair. I told Chips, "Don't listen to that honey!" I told the Vet, "You need to update your computer as that is just plain insulting!" She didn't know if I was kidding or serious. I certainly was serious! Thank you again for taking a chance on me. I am in love!! God's best blessings to you both, Jan, Checkers, and Mr. Chips.

* * * * *

12 January 2013: Tracy, Joe's Mom, sent these pictures of Joe and Archer. The question is: Who adopted who? That always seem to be the case with Siberians. Tracy says that Archer loves playing hide and seek from the bathtub.
I'm Archer                                          This picture is worth a a thousand words                                     Peek-a-Boo

* * * * *

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