15 December 2012: Our experience with Jim and Nancy of Semper Fi has been absolutely fantastic every step of the way. With warmth and professionalism, they have provided wonderful guidance and information throughout the entire kitten adoption process -- from initial inquiries, to weekly updates about our kitten-to-be, to follow-ups after we took Wampus home. Best of all, they provided an incredibly healthy and well socialized kitten who is confident, outgoing, litter-box trained, and so smart. Wampus has already brought immense joy to our lives -- and has charmed our friends and family, one of whom created the picture below. We feel so fortunate to have found Semper Fi and are looking forward to adoptiong another kitten from them this spring. Warmly, Carmen & Maurice

* * * * *

14 October 2012: Good Afternoon Nancy and Jim, We hope you all are doing well! We just wanted to share a few new pictures of Milo. He's grown a bit since we have had him home, and like I said he keeps getting fluffier and fluffier by the day. He is such a sweetheart and likes to explore just about anything he can.  He really is such a good kitty and we just love him to bits.  Tom is doing really great as far as allergies go too. We hope you are having a great weekend and enjoy the pictures! Sincerely, Becky and Tom

* * * * *
22 April 2012: Simba has made himself right at home and quickly won the hearts of Abby, Kala, and Katrina. And , of course, as a Siberian, he has also started training the girls. LOL

Abby, Kala & Katrina                      Rock-a-by Baby             "Mirror mirror, on the wall ...."                          Oh, Please don't stop.

* * * * *

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