28 November 2011:   Hey Jim and Nancy, 
Love the new addition! Just to provide an update on Sergei. He is growing so fast! I've been taking many photos because he's getting big. He has so much energy and the moment we get home, he is ready for some action. We play and play until he gets pooped. He sleeps behind our pillows all night long and is a good little sleeper. In the morning, he gives our cheeks kisses with his little tongue. It is adorable. When we get ready in the morning, he is right by my feet or sitting on the toilet lid for every moment. We recently bought another cat tree for him; the one my dad built was nice, but not quite large/tall enough. So he has two now! He has the most beautiful full fluffy tail. We joke that he is the tail model of the cat world. He still hasn't had an accident anywhere in the apt; we are so lucky! He is so amazing and we talk about how absolutely happy we are that he is a part of our life. We are still working on what "no" means, but he is starting to get it. Ha-ha. Thought you'd like to have an update, and some pictures. In the future if any of your customers want to hear from a customer—you can always give them my email. We have had a truly wonderful experience. Take care! Bethany and Cody

                Note: Sergei is certainly a gorgeous Siberian. And for us to know that we can bring so much joy to someone who could not
                                             have a cat due to allergies is a beautiful feeling. This picture of Cody and Sergei is priceless!

* * * * *

28 December 2011: Hi Jim & Nancy,
I love having Beatrice around and am obsessed with her. And everyone who meets her wants to take her home! She's spunky, silly, and excellent company. Here is a picture of her lounging on her chair while I'm studying.
All best, Ariel

* * * * *

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