22 June 2017
Hi Nancy and Jim,
Just wanted to send you a picture of smokey.  She has become a good therapy cat with my patients and me of course:)
Blessings Deb McKenna 

4 April 2017
Hi Nancy & Jim,

I hope Nancy is doing so much better now in her recovery from surgery!  You have definitely been in my thoughts these past few weeks. I just wanted to pop in to tell you both that O'malley was neutered!  He did great.  We have a wonderful vet.  I'm attaching a copy of the medical record and invoice.  If you need anything else please let me know.

O'malley continues to be just an all-around, awesome cat.  He is gentle and patient.  He LOVES our girls and follows them around any chance he can get.  He eats and uses his litter box consistently. He seems very healthy with normal potty and a shiny coat.  He lets us trim his nails without much of a fuss.  Oh my gosh and he caught a mouse!!!!!!!!  We live right along the fox river so unfortunately mice come with the territory.  We do have a subscription to an exterminator and we consistently trap for them but ... he got one!  I was very proud of him.  We took it away from him right away (so he definitely did not eat it) but I think he was also proud of himself - ha!  I suppose if you are a cat you have to catch a mouse at lease ONCE in your lifetime.  

I have a couple pictures of him from a month or two ago.  They are a bit dark and blurry.  For some reason, when I am on my computer the good pictures are still on my phone and when I'm on my phone the good pictures have been uploaded already.  I cant seem to get some nice updated shots for you guys but hopefully this month I will have some time to actually organize.  Then I'll send you some better ones.  These are still pretty cute, though.  Please give Mama Sophie and Mr. Silver a pat for us!


* * * * *

31 March 2017
Good afternoon Nancy and Jim,
Hope all is well and that Nancy's recovering is going as expected.  We wish you all the best in your recovery.
I received your birthday wish for Karina.  Thank you for thinking of her.  We got her a new tower for her birthday and it took all of 30 seconds to find it and start sleeping on it. I have attached a recent picture I took of Karina as I was putting some furniture together for our my daughter's room.  If you look closely in one of the mirrors, you will see a cameo from Mishka. Thanks again for thinking of Karina.  I know you are very busy with the recovery and getting ready to come back home.  It means a lot that you still find time for us (can't imagine how long the list of parents has gotten since we adopted Mishka just over two years ago).  
All the best, Jeff

Good Photo. Karina in the front mirrors and Mishka in the far right mirror

* * * * *

29 March 2017

Hi Nancy, hope you are feeling much better, wish u a most needed recovery, Maya wants you to know she cares, and wishes u the same, take care Nancy ! Di



* * * * *

29 March 2017
Hi Nancy!
Glad to hear you're progressing as expected! I hope your appointment on the 10th goes well and you will be able to return home as planned. I will be praying it goes well and that your vision will improve quickly. I've been wanting to send you this picture but was not sure you were up to checking your email. Blizzard and Cinder are doing very well and getting along like typical siblings (thankfully!) I think this picture speaks to Cinder's thoughts on pesky little brothers