The Girls

Tunies Siberians Ana of Semper Fi

In September 2014, we adopted Ana from our breeder friend, Andrea, at Tunies Siberians in Minnesota. We wanted her official name to be Anastasia, but her breeder's cattery name was too long so we were limited in spaces, thus the shortened Ana. She is a Brown Classic Torbie, and has the same personality of Izabella, by that I mean she is into everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING!. We were so excited about adding a Classic back into our cattery. Ana will continue her breeding career by going “home” to Tunies Siberians and the loving care of her breeder, Andrea.


* * * * *

Slava Magdalena of Sempr Fidelis

In September 2014, we also adopted Magdalena (Maggie) from our breeder friend at Slava Cattery in Missouri. She is a gorgeous Golden Tabby and has the cutest expression. You may wonder why the last part of her name is different than the other girls and appears to be spelled incorrectly, i.e., "Sempr Fidelis" instead of "Semper Fi."  The cattery where we purchased her (Slava) is registered with Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA), and "Semper Fi was already taken, so we had to come up with something else and they limit the number of leters/spaces. All of our other cats are with The International Cat Association (TICA).  Maggie was spayed just recently and will remain with us.

* * * * *

Inspurrations Liliya of Semper Fi

In October 2013, Jim flew to Eastern Pennsylvania and visited our personal friend and mentor, Jackie, of Inspurrations Cattery. Semper Fi Siberians would never have come to fruition had it not been for Jackie. We acquired both Nadeah and Zhaklin from Jackie. This time Jim picked up another gorgeous gem. Meet Inspurrations Liliya of Semper Fi. She is a Blue Cream with White; in her case it is "high" white. She has the greatest personality and has won the hearts of all the other girls. We have always been amazed at Izabella's demand for our time and the level of involvement she insists from us, and now we have two of them! When an important task needed to be done, like getting the weekly photos out to the awaiting pet parents, Nancy had to restrict them from the computer room since they both insisted on helping. Like we tell all perspecvtive pet parents, if you want a docile cat that lays around all day looking gracious, do not get a Siberian. The color combinations that came from her and Mr. Silver were both varied and downright gorgeous. We called her "Aunt Lily," as she loved kittens and didn't care whose they were. She wouldl sneak into a room where a mother was with her kittens, snuggle up to them and give them a bath. That is as long as it was not Sophie; she was very protective of her babies and would not allow any other animal in the room. Lily was just recently spayed and w
ill be joining Ann in Rochester, IL. Ann’s daughter, Christy and her family already have two Semper Fi Siberians.

Liliya as a Kitten

Liliya as a mature adult, she still has that sweet lovable face

* * * * *

Swamey Tails Sophia of Semper Fi

Meet SwameyTails Sophia (Sophie) of SemperFi. Her mom and dad are Harlo and Duke from our good friends and fellow Siberians breeders at Swamey Tails Cattery in Michigan. In early May 2012 we drove to Michigan to pick her up and have Nadeah bred with Duke. All but the last picture were taken at 16 weeks. The last was taken at 8 1/2 months and is of her doing her favorite pasttime - playing in the Zeke's water bowl. We were so excited about adding a Seal Lynx Point to our cattery line. She wants attention 24/7 regardless of what we are doing. Sophia has been spayed and will remain as part of our forever family.

 * * * *

Inspurrations Zhaklin of Semper Fi

eet Inspurrations Zhaklin (Jackie) of SemperFi. It is the Russian equivalent of Jacqueline. We decided to name her in honor of our fabulous mentor Jackie of Inspurrations Cattery. The name is pronounced Zh-AkLeen. with emphasis on the second syllable. Her call name was, of course, Jackie. Her mom and dad are the same as Nadeah's (Corrah and Boris), which actually makes them sisters. While she is classified as a Brown Tortie, her pictures do not show her true color. While she appears to have lots of red, in natural sunlight it shows as golden (second photo). She has been spayed and went a forever home in the spring 2017.

She is quite the talker. Jim had her "Marine trained;"when he calls her name, she sounds off loud and clear.

* * * *

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