Slava Magdalena of Sempr Fidelis

Magdalena (Maggie) is a Golden Tabby

Maggie came to us from Sherrie at Slava Cattery in Missouri. Her personality was somewhat laid back, she loved to lay on our laps and will do so for hours, but when her friend Ana challenges her to a wrestling match, the game is on. They literally chased each other for hours tearing through the house creating havoac with everybody.  Her photos do not do her golden coloring or beautiful green eyes justice. She had such a sweet expression, which matched her disposition, She will remain with us instead of going to another forever home.

            She strikes quite a pleasant pose                                She may be a Siberian, but she says, "This stuff is why I left."
* * * * *


30 March 2016 

Late afternoon on 30 March, Maggie gave birth to five healhy, beautiful babies; three girls and two boys. Mom and babies are doing well.  
Maggie had a knack for going into labor during the day instead of the wee hours of the morning, which we certainly appreciated very much.

Nancy and Sara walked into the room to take weekly photos and this is what they found on the bed -- a "Basket of Joy."

* * * * *

14 Jul;y 2015

Mr. Silver and Maggie produced her first litter of six babies, a perfect 50/50 -- three boys and three girls. 
All are at their forever homes sharing their love with their new parents.

    Drogo is at his forever home with Sonja                       Salem will become a breeder                            Lyla wanted to go home with Bridgette    

                 Jane Adopted Garsha                                         The Morgan's adopted Kona                       Amy, Jason, Avery, & Lincoln adopted Kona

* * * * *

 Captions in red indicate the adoption of a second Semper Fi Kitten

                    Sophia                    Izabella                    Liliya                    Anastasia

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