The Boy

Bella Bohemia Mr. Silver of Semper Fi

When we first started breeding Siberians we used males from two fellow breeder friends, but we found the need to travel such distances (MI and AR) unacceptable. Therefore, after much thought, we decided to look for our own boy. And we found the "purr-fect" guy at Bella Bohemia Cattery in the Czech Republic. He was born on 4 April 2012 and came to us in a rather circuitous route through a cattery friend in Georgia by way of another cattery friend here in Illinois. He was a Black Silver Mackerel, and an absolute joy; his purr rattled the bed. He was super friendly, and a perfect gentleman. Like his best friend Sophie, he loved playing in the dogs' water bowl. He’d put his toys in the bowl, then jump in with both front feet making an awful mess; we think he had a thing about "clean" toys. With Colorpoint in his genes, he was an absolute match for all our girls. Every pet parent always wanted to see Mr. Silver as he was the perfect specimen of an adult male Siberian.

It is with deep sorrow that we have to tell you of the his passing. He was not his energetic and was not eating. Although blood tests did not show any major problem, our vet put him on antibiotics. When that did not help, we took him to a specialty vet clinic. On July 5, we were called to tell us he had passed away; we were informed that in the process of performing a biopsy, his abdomen had been punctured. The blood surrounded his lungs and heart and in turn caused his death. He will always be missed because he was such a joy to be around and a true gentleman. He was loved by so many of our pet families.




First Snow 20 November 2015

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