"One Can Never Have Too Many Kittens"

The Kittens

We were small home-based cattery currently with four breeding girls, which allowed us to provide the close personal relationship we feel is necessary to properly socialize our kittens for our pet parents. This resulted in our always having a waiting list, which would have justified us having more girls; however, we refused to do so since it would have limited the time we are able to spend with our babies. We believe the first 10-12 weeks of a kitten's life are critical for their development into a well-socialized and lovable cats accustomed to world of household noises, dogs, people, and strange surroundings. As a result of this "list," we never had a kitten available for immediate adoption. We strongly encouraged potential pet parents to go to the Adopting A Kitten page and familiarize themselves with the procedures and if interested, to send us the completed questionaire.

This was a full-time hobby for us, our cats and kittens were treated as our children and grandchildren. They weree born in our spare bedroom where one of us slept when the date drew near. We wanted to be there when the babies were born to assist in case mom needed help. They remained in the room until they were four weeks old, then they were moved to our master bedroom where they have full run of the room filled with cat trees and a ton of toys, and we were there to continue the socialization process. Sleeping with a litter of eight kittens is "fun." As they grow and develop into scurrying balls of fur, they spend time developing their personalities, and learning to cope with the typical household noises, e.g. vacumm cleaner, dish washer, etc. They remained isolated in their own room. Since we are retired, we were able to spend a great deal of time with our kittens.

How will my kitten grow to become a beautiful Siberian?

Here is an article by Dr. Dawn Ruben titled Developmental Milestones in a Kitten.

Your cat just delivered a litter of cute little kitties. They seem so helpless, unable to see and hear. When can you expect them to begin showing changes as they grow? Here is a quick overview of the developmental milestones in the kitten.  We'll add something here that many people do not know. Unlike puppies who are born semi-domesticated, kittens are not; they are born wild. When the eyes open they will hiss at you and growl. They must be sociallized, which is the problem at many shelters where the attendants do not have the time to socialize them completely.

Senses. Kittens are born blind, with their eyelids sealed shut. By the time they are 2 weeks old, the eyelids are open and the kitten can begin developing their vision. Kittens are also born deaf, with sealed ear canals. By the age of 17 days, the ear canals are open and the kittens can start to hear. By 25 days, kittens will respond to sights and sounds. Catnip may be a favorite of the queen but kittens do not respond to this herb until they are at least 8 weeks of age.

Elimination. In addition to being born blind and deaf, kittens are also unable to voluntarily eliminate urine and feces. The mother must lick the genital area to stimulate elimination. By 23 days of age, the kittens are able to eliminate without help.

Walking. Kittens will start out life squirming and "swimming" across the floor. By 18 days of age, kittens begin the rudimentary first steps of walking.  Characteristics specific to cats also develop at predictable ages. Kittens are born unable to retract their claws. By 27 days of age, the claws can be retracted at will. Learning from their mother, kittens as young as 30 days of age will begin to rake at litter. 

Eating. By the time a kitten is 4 to 6 weeks of age, he can start eating solid food and can be safely weaned at 8 to 12 weeks of age.  Around the time kittens are able to eat solid food (4 to 6 weeks), the first teeth begin to erupt. The canine teeth usually erupt at 3 to 4 weeks and the incisors erupt at 2 to 4 weeks. The baby premolars erupt at 4 to 6 weeks. These first teeth are temporary and are soon replaced by permanent teeth. The front teeth, incisors, are replaced with permanent teeth around 3 to 5 months of age. By 6 months, the permanent canines erupt. Permanent premolars erupt at 4 to 6 months and the molars erupt at 5 to 7 months of age.

Reproduction. Your kittens are growing quickly. Be aware that by the time most kittens are 6 to 8 months of age, puberty has set in and unplanned pregnancies are possible, if precautions are not taken.

Each of our girls have their own page showing their kittens along with the father. Please note that we assigned them Russian names shortly after birth for reference purposes only, but when selected the pet parent provided us with a name so we could begin the socialization process using their correct name. Click on the girl's name below to see their gorgeous babies.


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