"Kittens are like potato chips, you can't just have one"

Adopting a Kitten

We were a home-based cattery. We had no separate facility that housed our cats and kittens. They literally lived in our home with us and our dog. Yes, we are retired, but raising these kittens is a serious and fulltime hobby. We spent hours working to socialize them, not to mention cleaning up after them, emptying and sanitizing litter boxes, feeding them, Vet visits, and so much more. Many may not realize that kittens are not like puppies who are born semi-socialized. Kittens are wild at birth, and have to learn to trust humans -- that consumed our daily (and nightly) activities. Can you imagine sleeping with six feisty, energetic fur balls for twelve weeks?

WARNING: Purchasing a Siberian kitten will be one of the most joyful decisions of your life, but it also comes with some serious responsibilities. They can live a long time, much longer than most breeds of dogs. In fact, Siberians do not achieve full maturity until age five, which is why they remain "kitten-like" for so long. Therefore, you would do well to consider this decision very carefully. If you are a young couple who both work out of the home during the week, and are socially active after work and weekends—you do not need a Siberian. They are very demanding; some of our pet parents have equated it to having a new-born in the house. Are you delaying raising a family until the two of you are older and settled down? If your answer is yes, then use that same rationale in your decision to adopt a Siberian—they will be the start of your family. If it is a pet cat you want, find a breed that is quite content with spending time alone and does not demand your full-time interaction. Either choose a more docile breed or adopt a kitten from a shelter. Siberians will rule your life!

The other option is to adopt two kittens. All we wanted was to make sure our Siberians had a stress-free life, and being alone all the time creates stress for this breed, which in turn can bring on many illnesses. 

The process is rather simple, although it takes time. It isn't like walking into your local Pet Smart, selecting a kitten from one of the cages, and driving home with it that day. You will find that most quality Siberian breeders have a waiting list, and we were no different. The old adage of "Anything worth having is worth waiting for" applies to this major decision. We were honored and felt blessed that so many people were willing to wait for a Semper Fi Siberian kitten. 


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